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About Tuscany Motor Co.

Tuscany Motor Co., now a division of Fox Factory, began in 1988 with a goal of designing fun, expressive vehicles that make people happy. Over the years they've partnered with brands like Shelby America, Harley-Davidson, and Hasbro-Tonka to build some of the most iconic and high-quality custom trucks on the market. Tuscany trucks are designed to stand the test of time – technologically, structurally, mechanically, & beautifully.

AutoNation Ford Littleton is a proud Tuscany Motor Co. dealer offering Tuscany trucks for sale in the Littleton area. View the current available Tuscany truck model lineup below.

Why Choose Tuscany Trucks?

Tuscany Warranty

Don’t do it yourself! Let Tuscany handle the uplift with quality components and outstanding warranty.

BF Goodrich Tires

Worry-Free Service

Tuscany trucks can be easily serviced at AutoNation Ford Littleton.

FMVSS Certified Lift

Tuscany’s exclusive BDS lifts are installed by qualified Lift Specialists. Tuscany trucks only use lifts that have passed FMVSS roll over testing.